Play4Sport. Give2Support.

Brewtown Recreation

Brewtown Recreation is the #1 choice for year round Adult Sport & Social Leagues in Southeastern Wisconsin!  We've created an environment for you to play the sports you love; meet great people and most importantly have FUN!  Furthermore, we offer a platform to compete like a kid while giving back to your community as an adult. 

We live in the land of beer and cheese, but many Wisconsinites are looking for an outlet to alleviate stress and stay fit.  Gym memberships promote exercise, but some adults are looking for competition and social networking and that’s where we come in.  Brewtown Recreation provides participants the platform to exercise, network, compete and relive their youth in one single experience.  All of our leagues offer Online Stats/Standings, Weekly Game Day Awards, All Star Teams and Huge Championship Packages.

​What sets Brewtown Recreation apart from other leagues; however, is our desire to support our local community.  Many adults are interested in giving back, but in many cases they’re unaware of the necessary steps.  Brewtown Recreation takes the guesswork away.  We’ve created a platform for individuals to identify their favorite local charity during registration and compete in one of our many leagues and/or tournaments.  We will then award all league/tournament winners with a donation check that will be presented to their chosen charity.  In addition, Brewtown Recreation also organizes charity specific tournaments and fundraisers throughout the year.