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Brewtown Recreation

If you're fun, a team player, caring, reliable and are committed to continuous improvement, then you may be a great fit as a Brewtown Rec referee.  We rely on our Field Team to be the face of the company, and therefore, we take our hiring very seriously.  We prefer referees with multiple years of experience officiating a given sport.  If we are looking to hire, we will always look at existing applications first.  Be sure to detail the leagues you have worked (especially if they are in Southeastern Wisconsin, ages & types of games officiated along with an approximate number of games worked each year.  Letting us know your current availability is great, but we'll always re-check availability before hiring.  If you're interested in joining our amazing team, fill out this form and we'll get back to you soon.

The most common months to hire officials for each sport are below:

  • Dodgeball - November/December
  • Indoor Volleyball - November/December
  • Softball - June/July/August
  • Kickball - Year Round
  • Basketball - Year Round
  • Flag Football - Year Round