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Brewtown Recreation

   We'll Bring Recreation to You

Brewtown Recreation will help take your corporate event to new heights!  Companies of all shapes and sizes have enjoyed fun-filled sports leagues,  tournaments and events with Brewtown Recreation.  We'll tailor a program or outing for whatever you need and we're here to provide professional sports and gaming equipment, knowledgeable staff, and access to the city’s top sports fields, event venues and local bars.!  A well planned corporate sports outing can do wonders for employee morale and stress relief and we're hear to exceed your expectations!  

Sampling of Events:

- Large list of “Recess Games” such as Dizzy Bat, Water Balloon Toss, Wheelbarrow Race or Tug-o-war

- Plethora of “Intellectual Games” such as Trivia, Team Puzzles, or Photo Scavenger Hunts

- Traditional Sports Games and Tournaments like Softball, Kickball, Volleyball, Golf, Flag Football and others

- Recreational Game Tournaments like Bag Toss, Skill Pong, Giant Jenga and Bocce Ball

- Custom “Social” Competitions like Bar Olympics

Want more information on setting up a company recess event with Brewtown Receation?  Contact us today at


                          TEAM BUILDING
                          Work together as a team towards a common goal.  This helps to create

                         a more cohesive unit on and off the field.

                          HEALTH & WELLNESS
                          Those who stay active tend to be more focused in their day-to-day                                    activities.  An active lifestyle leads to higher productivity and

                         happier employees.

                          LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
                          On a level playing field, natural leaders step up to the plate. 

                         Discover and develop new leaders within your organization.

                          BUSINESS NETWORKING
                          Build and develop meaningful relationships outside the office to                                    increase communication.


                     COMPANY FIELD DAY
                      Let us create a whole day of fun.  We’ll design silly races,

                      head-to-head games and classic competitions.  

                     ONE DAY TOURNAMENT
                      Need to blow off some steam with your team?  We’ll set up a tournament

                      for your group to get a little sweaty and have some fun.

                     INTER-OFFICE SPORTS LEAGUE
                      We can setup sports leagues just for your employees, or a league for

                      you to play with other companies in your industry.


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