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Brewtown Recreation

​​​​How long have you been at Brewtown Rec  

Since Day 1!

What 5 things are most important to bring to a tailgate  

Beer, Liquor, Bags, Food, More Beer

         Most Memorable Brewtown Rec Moment                  Most Memorable WI Sports Moment

​               MFit vs. UWW in the Basketball Playoffs, Wes got lucky                             Wisconsin beating Kentucky in the Final Four         

         Favorite Thing about Living in WI                              Favorite Brewtown Rec Sport

             Summers at the lake, Country USA & Summerfest                                  Basketball

         Athlete I Admire (Past & Present)                             Song I Listen to Before a Big Game 
             Michael Jordan & Frank "The Tank" Kaminksy                                           Heart of a Champion - Nelly                  

         The Backyard Game I Played as a Kid                        The Charity I Support 

             500                                                                                                            Habitat for Humanity

         Favorite College Team                                             Favorite Pro Sports Team

             University of Wisconsin                                                                            Green Bay Packers

FAVORITE BREW: (Spotted Cow) TOWN: (St. Thomas) RECREATION: (Chillin' at the Lake)