​​​​​How long have you been at Brewtown Rec  

2 years

What 5 things are most important to bring to a tailgate  

Food, Drinks, Grill, People and a Visa (because it's everywhere I want to be)

  Most Memorable Brewtown Rec Moment                                    Most Memorable WI Sports Moment

​    Watching a Vince v. Mikey/Matt v. Tate football game (or any game involving Lawerence)           Ever year the Bucks draft a local middle school kid

  Favorite Thing about Living in WI                                               Favorite Brewtown Rec Sport

    Can you repeat the question?                                                                                             Flag Football

  Athlete I Admire (Past & Present)                                              Song I Listen to Before a Big Game 
   Reggie Bush (USC) & Reggie Bush (pre Kim K)                                                                       O Fortuna or any song that doesn't involve Drake

   The Backyard Game I Played as a Kid                                        The Charity I Support 

    Spin the bottle...ha ha                                                                                                        I like to pick different charities based on need

   Favorite College Team                                                             Favorite Pro Sports Team

    The Ohio State University                                                                                                   Green Bay Packers


FAVORITE BREW: (Sprite & Grenadine) TOWN: (Miami)RECREATION: (Logging onto Facebook) 





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